Friday, July 1, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 2 Recap/Review

Like any good pilot, last week’s episode of Suits established the main plot I am sure we will be following for the rest of the season, if not beyond with the show. When looking around last week at recaps for the first episode of Suits, however, I noticed many reviewers commenting on the implausible nature of the show. Many questioned why Harvey would put his career on the line for some kid he just met, even if Mike had a brilliant mind. For me, that plot point is not really a problem. Look, it’s USA. While yes, I am sure, there will be some much need focus on the plot of the show, it’s clear Suits will follow the ups and downs of Harvey and Mike’s relationship, as they try and navigate their world and the other characters around them. In doing so, they will follow the rich tradition of just about every show to come out of USA in the past five plus years. To be perfectly honest, I am fine with that. USA has carved a nice little niche for itself in developing these character driven shows; where some parts are funny, some parts are thrilling, but mainly people are watching the show to just watch the characters. I am watching this show to watch Harvey and Mike, just like I watch White Collar for Neal and Peter or Covert Affairs for Annie and Auggie. For me, as long as the show allows their relationship to take center stage, I am down for the ride. And tonight, Suits did just that

Errors and Omissions was all about the trust Harvey and Mike had in their working and personal relationship. The premiere was all about how their fates, at least professionally, were tied together because of the lie they told about Mike’s background. That kind of relationship does not build trust, however, so it was nice to see them begin to understand each other and trust each other. For Harvey, that means hard work and loyalty from Mike. We already know Harvey worked his way up the law firm’s corporate ladder. Though Harvey is naturally charming, he earned his career and all of his success through hard work. Mike, on the other hand, has always had everything handed to him. He is naturally brilliant and can coast through life on that. Hell, even this job was just given to him because of who he was, not what he had done. So it is not surprising that he would expect Harvey’s trust so automatically. The scene where Mike confronts Harvey about him abandoning him with the patent filing was a perfect illustration of this personality clash. Mike was upset that Harvey did not automatically help, whereas Harvey wanted him to prove he was worth helping. By proxy, Harvey was really measuring whether or not Mike was worth trusting, both professionally and personally, because clearly Harvey does not let just anybody in. For those that Harvey trusts, that he is loyal to, he needs them to earn it. That is the world he lives in, and it was nice to see Mike recognize it. I feel like he grew up in that moment. He accepted that Harvey had not only showed him loyalty by taking the blame from the client, but that Harvey also needed Mike to earn his full trust. I am sure we will revisit this point throughout the show, but it was good to have some progress made on it tonight.
As for the rest of the episode, I was definitely a fan. Louis is being set up to be quite the nice villain. He is just smart enough to cause some interesting problems, but realistically beatable so that it does not feel like writer magic whenever Harvey or Mike win out. I am interested to see what new power games he comes up with every week. I do hope, however, he wins a few of them. Otherwise, he goes from worthy adversary to stereotypical bumbling fool.
They are setting up Rachel to be a nice love interest. I am sure as soon as her and Mike seem to be going somewhere, the (ex?) bestfriend’s blond girlfriend will show with some major problem, probably legal, that only Mike can solve with Harvey’s help. Calling it here first folks!
Also, it was nice to see that Harvey is a complete womanizing jerk. He has some lines he draws in the sand, which I think is important. For me, it is nice to know I am rooting for a character that chooses not to sleep with a woman who has a husband. Though, that does not mean I did not love when stuck it to the judge. I also want my fictional heroes to be badass. It is the little things in life that truly get me through the day.
As a final comment, I will probably never do a complete synopsis or recap of the show. I figure that if anyone reads this, they will have watched the show, and I never understood people who just rewrite what they just saw verbatim. I would rather read someone’s opinion and thoughts, and not just a rehashing of the main plot points.

Best Lines:

-You smell papery.

-He told me to tell you to shove it up your ass.

-Drink up!

-Go easy on him.
 Good boy.

-And of course she is free to date whoever she pleases, and she pleases me.

-So I treat my body like a temple. Does that make me uncool? I don’t think so.

-Pardon me. I was wondering, would I get a discount for being the guy you
 cheated on your husband with?

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