Tuesday, July 19, 2011

White Collar Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

            Oh Sarah. Poor, poor Sarah. You had to know that it was coming to this. Even before her conversation with June, it was clear that she understood who Neil was and probably will always be. It was also clear, however, that she, like Peter, believes he can ultimately change. Hence why she was so shocked and surely disappointed when she found Mozzie’s webcam showing the stolen art. She should not be though, in all honesty. This is who Neil is, and ultimately he might leave that life, but he is not ready. Like he said last week (and sorry for not recapping, I was on vacation!), he has not hit rock bottom yet.
That is not to say I did not think an episode like this was not needed. It was important for the show to explore exactly where Sarah would stand on Neil and Mozzie’s plan. As her character has demonstrated, even in this episode, she is fine living a life somewhat in a gray legal and moral territory. Taking Account drew the line in the sand, however, and I for am glad she and Neil are opposite sides of the stolen art. Yes, the romantic optimist in me wanted her to be okay with it and run away with Neil. That, though, would have been a pretty big departure from the character and personality that has been established for Sarah. She might accept, and even like in some circumstances, for things to be gray, but she obviously has a point. Sadly, it just happens to be well short of Neil’s
Which really does suck, because I am really starting to appreciate their relationship. They work, in a way Kate and him never really did for me. Yes, I know Kate and Neil were never really together or allowed to have a normal relationship, but she was just too damsel in distress for my taste. On the flipside, Sarah is better for Neil than Alex was as well, since she challenges him to be better than he is. All good couples push each other; he is becoming more grounded, she is loosening up. They work show, so keep Hilarie Burton around you hear me!
            Bring on the quick hits:

            -First and foremost, why the hell have we not seen more of June this season?! I miss June. Since we met June in that very first episode, I have always loved her. I want another episode, or three, like last season that focuses on her. More June show.

            -Does it surprise anyone that Mozzie secretly looks at the art frequently to bask in its glory? Also, way to get some Mozzie! I had no better way of typing that without coming off as a total bro. It needed to be said though. And while it is very cliché for all the characters in a show to eventually find someone by the end of the show’s run, I really want Mozzie to have someone. I mean the man was shot, he deserves it!

            -The dreaded fedora makes its return. Look, if there is anyone who can make a fedora work, its Matt Bomer. Even then, he barely pulls it off. Just saying. Though, he should always have a guitar in his hands. I melted, and he did not really play anything.

            -I will say I liked the idea behind the spending spree that Neil and Sarah went on, but the graphics made it feel like I was watching a MasterCard commercial. I would like the show to continue experimenting with different visual devices now that it is in its third season, but that one can be retired.

            -Peter must get tired if being the cranky and disappointed father. That is exactly what that scene screamed, however, when he caught Neil and Sarah’s Supermarket Sweep. I died laughing when he told Sarah to get out of her dress, especially after the camera cut to the look on her face.

            -Speaking of Sarah’s clothes, I love them. That is really all I have to say about that.

            Finally, was not the last stunt that Peter and Neil pulled to catch Bower really dangerous? The man just shot at somebody less than twenty-four hours ago, and now you are projecting his image for thousands of people to say and identify him in a crowded and public place. Obviously he was not above killing, and might have shot someone to get away. What the hell guys?

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