Friday, August 26, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 10 Recap/Review

            Sorry for the late Recap/Review! I have moved to Germany for the year, so all of my television postings will be coming out a little later than they originally were. I know you, my tens of readers, are extremely saddened by this. We all must make do, though, in this new darker and colder world.             To be perfectly honest, the reason I am most upset about this change was that it occurred during one of Suits best episodes. The previews for The Shelf Life looked fantastic, and I was so sad that I could not see it in real time. It truly was a great episode, and almost the best one yet, if not for one glaring omission. Suits you know what you did, and why I am mad at you.
              Before we get to that, however, let's talk about what went on in this episode. Tonight, or yesterday I guess, Mike had the chance to see one of his possible futures. What I really loved about this case of the week, was that it reemphasized to Mike that he is never truly safe. Stan had worked for his company for nine years, and no matter his performance, abilities, or history, his lie was his ultimate downfall. That is why Mike was so unbelievable scared, because he realized nothing could make him safe. He could be the very best, work for Pearson Hardman for years, become personal friends of everybody, and it all would disappear in a second. That is why he is struggling immensely at the moment with his life path, because all of his hard work could be taken from him a blink of an eye.   
               Also, it does not help that his biggest ally, Harvey, appears to be treating it as only a game. Sure, we know Harvey actually cares about what happens with Mike, but Mike does not know that. Harvey needs to realize that if he wants Mike to calm down and stay, he has to show him that he is just as invested in his future as Mike is. Otherwise, why should Mike stay? He could have a easy and happy life with Blond Chick, and not have to worry everyday that everything can be pulled out from under him. I am really glad Mike is realizing the magnitude of his situation. This is not a game, this is his life. He has some hard decisions that he is going to have to make, and then some tough consequences as a result. This should not be easy, like it has been for a lot of this first season, I am glad Suits appears to recognize this.

                 Quick to the hits:

                 -Let's just get it out of the way. Show, where the hell was Donna?! I am never to type that again, you hear me? Oh sure, we heard about her awesomeness indirectly through Harvey. Of course Donna would have a secret network of assistants, she is Donna. Still, that does not make up for her lack of screen time this week. This might be overstating it a little, but I live for Donna. Actually no, that is not over dramatic in the least. It is as if the rest of the episode noticed the lack of fabulousness, and so gave me other moments where I could yell out somebody's name like:

                  -Jessica!!!!!!! Was I right or was I right? Harvey is a sniper, Lewis a tank, but Jessica is a full blown nuke. Threatening the random baddie of the week with her kids? The woman never stood a chance. Thankfully the family I work for sleeps on another floor, because I yelled out, "Jessica!!!!!!" when that happened. Loved it, love her, love everything she does. She may not always make the most audience friendly decisions, but they are never the wrong ones given her world and circumstances.

                   -Lewis!!!!!!! I actually had multiple moments with him this episode. Hitting on the woman and describing his encounter with her to Mike? Cringe worthy. Clearly liking her and her the same with him? Adorable. Failing miserably in the end, as we all knew he would, and then having it aired in public? So sad. Redirecting it all at Mike? The hate inducing Lewis we have all grown to love. Keep it up you conniving head case, because I was all about you and what you did this week.

                   -Rachel!!!!!!! I'll get to Blond Chick next, but have no doubts I am still Team Rachel. I was totally fine with her being annoyed at Mike first, because I thought it was clear that Blond Chick was not in his life romantically either. I mean, hello, all of that flirting? Instead of pouting on the sidelines, however, Rachel helped him with his case and then went for gold with the kiss. Hell yes. Mike made it clear that he was not dating Blond Chick, even if we know they are really dating in everything but name, so she decided to stake her claim. Girl, go on.

                    -Oh Blond Chick, I actually like you quite a bit. This episode helped to flesh you out even more so as a character, and I enjoyed what we saw and learned. As I have said before, though, she does not push Mike in a way that is good for him. Rachel urged Mike to use his abilities (read as: ginormous brain) to solve his problem, while Blond Chick was all about the shortcut. Mike is inclined to take shortcuts naturally, he does not need someone urging him to do so. Jenny, and I am using your real name here so you know I am serious, you are great, but you are not the one. Stay for the comic relief you provide, but not for the romance. Thanks! Actually, your lines most likely took from Donna(!!!!!) so you can just go.

                    -Did anybody else love the first suit Mike was in? I thought the light grey really looked good on him, and covet that tie so badly. Not even fair. Also, how in the hell does his hair stay like that after sleeping on the floor? Some people question the realisticness of this show for the lawyer stuff. Me? I question the state of people's hair. Real top level stuff here kids.

                    -It will never get old watching Harvey handle business. Never. A god among men I say. A gloriously coiffed god.

                    -Seriously Mike, show up to an event where all twenty or so of your fake class is? And then stand in that picture? I just cannot with you sometimes.

                     -You can be shirtless more often, however, to make amends. Same goes for you Harvey. You do not need to make amends yet, but it is never a bad thing to get ahead. Do not question that logic.


  1. just found your blogs. enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Suits episodes and especially enjoy the comments on the characters -- I also love that Jessica and her tough as nails, "I'm in charge here" attitude! Have bookmarked the site and look forward to your final two episode reviews.

    Auf Wiedersehen!

  2. Thanks! Yeah Jessica consistently makes my jaw drop a little with her pure command.

  3. ok so I just discovered Suits and I am hooked! All the way from the Philippines! So I stumbled upon your blog because I needed a recap to make sure my episodes are all on track. I love your commentary and the non-blow by blow approach but taking everything in and then highlighting the key points. I love Donna too! Her facial expressions alone should win her an Emmy if not only for the variety.

    This show reminds me of House, minus the blood and plus the impeccable suits and the coif. Harvey Specter is my new fantasy man. ha!