Friday, August 5, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 7 Recap/Review

            I tend to rank the programs I watch in certain hierarchy. On the bottom level, are the shows I watch because they are escapist fun. I do not have to engage with them on any deep level, and can treat them as temporary entertainment. Next, are the shows that make me feel something. Normally, these are programs that make me glad, but can also make me sad or mad. They cause an immediate and visceral reaction when I am watching them. Then, there are the television series that make me think. The plot, the character development and so on matter, because I engage mentally with the show. There is something about these programs that challenges me, which makes me question decisions and events within the show. The final type, and the shows that are truly the best in my opinion, are the ones that combine the elements of the second and third types. Television programs that cannot only make me feel something, but also cause me to contemplate and reflect on them are special. For me, it is because they connect and relate to me on so many different levels, from very shallow to very deep ones.

            Now, I wrote all of that not because I just want to ramble on about my personal interest, though if people would read that I totally would, but to make a point about tonight’s episode of Suits and the series in general. I truly believe this show has the potential to exist in that final stage, and tonight, we really saw it fulfill that potential. The show has always made me feel something. Normally, I am laughing my ass off or cheering for Harvey and/or Mike owning people left and right. Last week, though, I wished and hoped for things to not always be so simple for the boys. I wanted them to have to face the more grey questions, the ones that I still cannot quite answer even as I sit here typing. Basically, in one moment I wanted to be laughing so hard I would cry, and in the next feel transfixed because I was wondering what the correct decision was for a character to make. With Play the Man, I got exactly that.
            Tonight was all about how far people will go to win. On the one hand, you have Mike, the lovable little puppy thrown into a dog-eat-dog world. Clearly with Mike, it is not a question of whether or not he has the ability to win, but if he will always take it as far as he needs to in order to do so. In some ways, I was glad he pulled back on Rachel. I do not know how I would have ultimately felt if he broke her, but I am almost positive I would not have liked it. At the same time, that asshole Kyle (how he will be referred to throughout this post) was right when he said, “Lawyering is not about fighting fair.” Sometimes I think Mike wanted to be a lawyer for the challenge, but did not truly appreciate the world he was entering. It is great that he is trying to figure himself out, and that he is trying to be as honorable as possible. No truly, it is. Nevertheless, if everybody else is bringing nukes to go up against his pistols, it does not matter how good of shot he is. Eventually, he is going to get destroyed like he did tonight. Therefore, he has two choices. Mike either needs to change upgrade to something a little meaner, a little more cunning, or he needs to be beyond amazing if he is going to handicap himself. Regardless of the way he chooses to approach things from this point on, he needs to recognize the game and in what arena he is playing in. He is great at adapting, but if he truly wants to succeed, he needs to not put himself in situations where he has to adapt so often.
            On the other end of the spectrum is Harvey, the man who will do just about anything to succeed. It really does not matter to Harvey who he beats, or how he beats them, as long as he comes out on top in the end. Sure, he will not needless crush a person, but make no mistake, if that is what meant to win he would do it. Similar to Mike, I sat wondering if Harvey has made the right decisions tonight. Not so much the ones involving his client, what he did he had to professionally, but more so the ones he has made regarding the direction of his life. Obviously he has/had something with Scotty. She felt something for him, because of who he was. At the same time, that was the very reason she could not be with him. Everything that makes Harvey amazing, the success, the passion, the absolute focus, are also the reasons that he does not have someone. I am not saying he needs someone to feel complete. However, it is clear that it is something he wants. Ultimately, he is going to have to make a choice about what is more important. Similarly to Mike, I am interested to see what he chooses and why.
            Quick hits in 3…..2…..1….

            -Not only was it a great thinking episode, but also tonight was just flat-out hilarious. Harvey and Scotty’s banter was just unreal. The rapid-fire lines had me stifling so many laughs because I did not want to miss one line. All the other characters were great, but the gold medal goes to Donna tonight. I mean, damn. Donna was unbelievable, and had me rolling. All of her little bon mots were fantastic, but her stand testimony was just pure brilliance. Bitch was just unreal. I hope the writers recognize Sarah Rafferty’s talent and give her more time. Incredible, absolutely incredible.

            -Look, I get Rachel is upset, but come on! She just felt so dramatic, and really out of her character tonight. I mean really woman? If Mike did not go to the park in order to convince you not to cheat, you would have. Get off the soapbox sister; you do not need the extra height. Also, the stupid mind game at the end? Really? Just tell the kid how you feel, do not give him some damn riddle.

            -And speaking of potential love interest for Mike, Jenny makes an unexpected return. I have to give the writers credit, I did not expect them to handle her and Trevor finding out about Mike in the way they did. Way to not go for the expected route there kids. Also, Jenny was quite likeable tonight. For once, I saw why Mike was so attracted to her to begin with. I am not saying I want those two to end up together, because I still think she does not push Mike to be better. I am now okay with her not being killed off. What? Do not look at me like that! Would you have minded before this episode if she ended up dead somewhere in a back alley? Did not think so, judgmental bitches.

            -The mock trial was awesome. I really hope they bring it back next season some how.

            -God I just wanted to hit that asshole Kyle in the face. Of all the random first-year socks (LOST reference!) he is the one who has made me bristle the most. Shut the fuck up asshole. Really, quoting high school records? Cool bro.

            -Anybody else notice when the camera focused on Jessica during Donna’s strong woman part of her testimony? Love it. Also loved Jessica chewing the scenery as the judge. I really want her in my life, even if I would be scared shitless. I think it is her smile. Her mouth says happy, but her eyes say I will rip your throat at with those same teeth.

            -Who the hell has that kind of elevator into their apartment?! Though, it was totally badass and Harvey’s apartment in general causes extreme real estate envy in me. Sigh. I need to get to work on that sugar daddy thing.

Sorry for the longish post tonight, I just felt really inspired by the show. I do not expect them to be at this level every time, but am glad to know they can get there if they try. Suits is really becoming one of my favorite series, and I hope it stays that way. How about you? Did you want to smack Rachel upside her little head? Are planning on proposing to Donna or Jessica as you read this? Was Jenny surprisingly charming as well for you tonight? When do you think Lewis will come roaring back to reestablish his alph-asshole status? Most importantly, what do you feel about Mike and Harvey’s decisions tonight?

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  1. Love love love the show. Best show at the moment, can't wait for the next episode. I so agree with all your comments, you really don't miss a thing. Rachel? Oh yes, I want to smack her, just stop the high and mighty act girl, it's getting lame.