Thursday, July 7, 2011


In the likely event that TDSE's last 3 posts have filled you with an endless ennui because like me, you are not interested in watching famous people dance, rich (but emotionally tragic) people be rich (and emotionally tragic), and poor (but emotionally tragic) people get rich (and remain emotionally tragic), hopefully this will offer you a respite. If this doesn't work, feel free to check out thefuckingweather.

At once, blogging seems particularly wasteful and boring. Who cares what I have to say, why would anyone listen, and what difference does it make? None. So naturally, I'm particularly drawn to it. But that is absolutely okay. I have decided that I will be using this space to discuss whatever themes, ideas, concepts, things I've experienced, things I dislike, etc. that I see fit. As a disclaimer, if you are not at all interested in me, my thoughts, things that I think, thoughts I once had, thoughts I still have, my life, my opinions, people who have thoughts and opinions similar to my own, stop reading immediately. What I mean to say here is that the thoughts and opinions presented here are my own and do not in any way reflect those presented by google, blogger, or TDSE. That being said, I hope you enjoy them.
I have spent at least a month of every summer for the past 7 or 8 years in Lake Tahoe (on the Nevada side, the California side is trashy and anyone who says otherwise has clearly never spent a weekend in Truckee). I stay with my Uncle Rob (who is not my real uncle, but by all accounts should be) who loves wine, snow sports, politics, and computers. Uncle Rob, if you are reading this, I wholeheartedly apologize for that abysmal description. Anyway, I'm currently occupying Uncle Rob's place in Lake Tahoe with my mother and brother where I am putting off working on my thesis, watching the women's world cup, playing tennis, and spending hours watching Planet Earth in BluRay #BarrettHonorsCollege #WhiteGirlProblems. That being said, you would think that Lake Tahoe would be full of interesting stories for a 22 year old college student to discuss via blog. Alas, you are incorrect. On second thought, you're not incorrect. I am particularly boring while I'm up here and while Tahoe is a beautiful festival of a lake, life up here is relatively slow, leaving me little material to discuss on a weekly basis. Sadly, I've resorted to friends to determine what I'll be discussing here. Martina (yes, I'm taking life advice from Martina, which makes sense if you've kept up with my life of late) first suggested that I discuss boobs, then about "how wonderfully beautiful I am" (I being her), then about "how my body resembles a Greek goddess" (my being hers). Right, if there's one thing that I know, it is highly likely that my thoughts/beliefs/concerns will rarely if ever gloss over the two latter of those ideas. She did however say "...I am a loser! A complete failure at life!" That I will discuss.. ..It's true, that's all.
Realistically, it's my hope to kind of turn this into a forum for me to discuss legitimate concerns in the world. It has been suggested that I talk about natgeo articles, which is something that I could definitely wrap my head around. But I'm definitely not just about National Geographic, and I hope to make this about other things that I greatly enjoy. If that means I'm discussing Things Bros Like, so be it. Speaking of which, I particularly enjoyed the recent mail responses to Mike's Hard Lemonade and cockteasing. Yes, this also means I'll be discussing books I'm reading so prepare to hear about F. Scott Fitzgerald and quite possibly the unnecessary bastardization of Game of Thrones by HBO. I will also be documenting the incredibly important drunken thoughts/concerns of myself, occasionally writing research articles (trying not to combine the two), but also parodying other things that I find interesting if possible (which means I may have to combine the two).
I am now coming to the realization that I have discussed very little in the above text. Perfect. If anyone who has read this has any advice to offer me on applying to graduate school in bioarchaeology or archaeology, please let me know.

Things I like:
Graduate students. Keep doing what you're doing.

Things I dislike:
How do people always know when to call me christopher to elicit the right response?

Goodnight and good luck.

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