Thursday, July 7, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 3 Recap/Review

I really hope USA understands what a good thing it has going here with Suits. The show has been intriguing, smart, and funny, and each episode sees the series just picking up steam. I like how the show is approaching each week, allowing the plot of each episode to unfold little by little, so the audience does not always see everything coming. Yes, we can assume that Harvey and Mike will most likely come out ahead in each episode, but you can say that about the protagonist on so many good shows. The secret to a show being great is how we get to the conclusion, and Suits has demonstrated they understand that so far. I also like that Harvey and Mike are not infallible. We saw them fail quite a few times this episode, but they kept coming back and attacking the problem. That is what I want from my protagonist, not perfection, but an ability to stay in the game and come out ahead in the end.
And this episode was all about the game. Understanding the end goal, realizing what battles to fight and knowing when just the right moment is to go for the kill. Clearly, Harvey has demonstrated his abilities so far. Tonight, with Mike’s immense help, he showcased how he is normally one step ahead of everybody. When he is not or falls behind, however, it is his ability to pull it out in the end that makes him something special. Pushing Dominic to be the CEO of the company, great idea. Calling in the rich backer when Plan A blew up in his face, genius. It also seems that he is deploying Mike in the best of ways too. Harvey knows when he needs to utilize Mike’s freakish brain, but also when he needs Mike to emotional connect with a problem or person.
I do wonder what is up with Mike’s need to always help. I am sure some of it is natural, as he seems the type to just want to look after people. I do think, however, that there is something deeper at work here. Maybe it has to do with his parents or something? Whatever it is, I am sure it will be addressed as the show continues.

Now for some quick hits:

-It might have been early then I expected, but I am glad to see I called the Mike-Rachel-Penny love triangle correctly. I hope though, that Mike and Penny’s relationship does not become a huge focus of the plot. I understand that Mike has feelings for her and wants to protect to her, but I cannot really see a future for their two characters together. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to not see that your boyfriend is a drug dealer? Besides, Rachel is just the much better fit for him. I would much prefer to see Mike with somebody who has a good head on their shoulders, and who always does not need rescuing like Penny

-Loving Grandma Ross. She is just the right amounts of caring and sassy, and really enjoyed her advice to Mike about Trevor. With her story about her husband and her advice to Mike, it is clear that she does not take anybody’s shit. I hope we keep seeing her throughout the series.

-Speaking of Trevor, how long do you think before he tries to blow up Mike’s world because of the suitcase he left behind in his apartment? Something tells me we will see a revenge plot in a few episodes where he tries to go after Mike for Penny breaking up with him. While I am not super excited about it, it needs to happen. Mainly because its an obvious area the show needs to explore and get out of the way, and you just know Harvey will have a role in sticking it to him. That should be a fun scene to watch, even if it will be like watching someone shoot fish in a barrel.

-Glad to see Jessica is just as smart as she appears to be. While packing both Lewis and Harvey might not be the audience friendly play, it was absolutely the one she should have made given her position. You know, besides Penny, Suits has a great cast of strong female characters. It is nice having a show where the women are just as good as the men, especially in such a male dominated universe that a law firm is.

-Oh Lewis, you are going to need to step up your game. I am sure we will finally see him win a big one on Harvey and Mike near the end of the season, probably involving Mike not going to Harvard. Calling that plot point now!

-Finally, the one-liners were just flying off the shelves tonight. Maybe I am too easy to impress, but I fine the show genuinely funny. I like when the show has the character say or do something after it seems like a scene is over; it makes them feel more real. I wonder how many of those moments are planned, or how much adlibbing the actors do?

-Inside Track was really an enjoyable hour of television, and I cannot wait for next week!

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