Friday, September 2, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 11 Recap/Review

            I know it is not the most innovate thing to continually praise a show each week. Otherwise, you eventually just come off as somebody with nothing to say besides fanboy exclamations. But I mean, come on you guys! Was that not a fantastic episode? I loved the darker, and a touch more realistic, undertones, combined with some fantastic moments for pretty much all of the characters. Also, we got major plot movement on so many different fronts that it is hard to keep track. Of course, the biggest of these was we finally, finally saw a little of the man behind the curtain when it comes to Harvey Specter.

            It is about damn time Harvey’s world got rocked a little bit. He is always in control, constantly ahead of the game, and has an infinite amount of aces up his sleeve whenever he falls behind. Most importantly, and even if he will not outright admit it, Harvey always thinks he can do no wrong. Given what we already knew about him, tonight’s revelations about his past make this all so understandable. Walk with me.
            We already learned that Harvey was a self-made man, with some help from Jessica of course. He rose from absolutely nothing to become a senior partner, utilizing what he thought was only his talent. Moreover, when he had the chance to go over to the dark side, not only did he stay ethical, but figured out a way to get out while still remaining loyal. In other words, Harvey has been extremely successful and also found a way to remain true to some conflicting principles. That is impressive, really, and explains why he such a high opinion of himself. Tonight, however, he realized that he owed at least some part of his success to unethical actions. For somebody who has built his entire life around drawing a clear line in the sand when it comes to his principle, that fact is truly unfathomable.
            That is why he blew up at Louis. That is why he is now going to obsess over getting the man out he wrongly convicted. That is why he seems so unhinged at the moment. Harvey has had the foundation of both his professional and personal life attacked, and he is going to try and fix the damage as quick as he can. He is in a free fall of sorts, and I expect his actions to become even more sporadic during the season finale. Everything is going to hinge on how that case plays out. Honestly, he will probably win it and set the man free. I think, however, he will realize that that action does not fix everything for him, and he will struggle with that. And if the somehow the wrongly convicted man was to stay behind bars? I honestly cannot say what I think would happen with Harvey, but I think it would extremely interesting.
            Suits, tonight might not have been your funniest outing, but it sure as hell was your most dramatic and interesting. Call me a fanboy or whatever, but for my money, Suits has really mopped the floor with other shows not only this summer, but this year.

            Quick hits take the stage:

            -Donna!!!!!!!! I am now committed to using that every week. One, because I love just yelling it at my television whenever she appears. Two, it so unbelievably deserved. Sure, we had funny Donna tonight. “Her Highness” anyone? Even better, though, we had kick ass Donna. She was absolutely there for Harvey, and did what she had to do when she knew he would not be able to pull the trigger. Straight up amazing. A few weeks ago I mentioned how I hope they do not over play Donna, giving too much screen time and thereby watering down her comedic effect. I would like to amend that. I am all for Donna having more screen time, as long as her bon mots of sassiness are balanced out by more narrative integration like tonight. Rafferty held court tonight ladies and gentlemen, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

            -Along with my Donna love, and also like to share my heart with Jessica. Boy, did Mama Bear come out tonight. Woman is a force. What I love most about her was exactly what Donna said when they talked. Sidebar real quick, loved that moment and more of those show! Anyways, Jessica’s ability to value those below her makes her so freaking effective. Yes, she is demanding, but she is not heartless or full of herself. I think pretty much everyone would take her as a boss and friend any day.

            -Jesus Louis, stop making me hate you. I totally think he has legitimate complaints about the favoritism Harvey is shown. Still, if you are going to act like a bitch and get on your moral high horse about rules, stick with that tactic. I would never fault Louis for being a rule follower, but the hypocrisy kills me. Louis, no one really cares that you are an ass; what they care about is how you go about being one. Hell, Harvey is one, Mike is one, even Jessica and Donna are, but they are not supreme dicks about it.

            -Mike, really? Jenny, not Rachel? That just screams of you being scared. So you will stick with your safety girl over the one who could possibly hurt you, but is clearly better for you. Yes, Rachel was playing games, but you were totally participating too. Whine elsewhere about that. More importantly, you are totally screwing Jenny over with this decision. You might notice I am calling her by her real name. Why? She earned it. I like her now, even if not for Mike, and think this is only going to hurt everyone involved in the end. Ugh. I live by a certain edict: boys are dumb, girls are crazy. Mike is clearly dumb here.

            -I will absolutely give him props, however, for at least trying to go to-to-toe with Louis. Even if he was out of his league, it was nice that Mike did not back down and in fact asserted himself. The kid is going to be fantastic one day, right? Also, of course you are property. Hello! Where the hell have you been?

            -Asshole Kyle makes a return, so I can post his name again. Good for Asshole Kyle. A word of advice, though, Asshole Kyle. The mock trial? Yeah, it was ages ago. Let it go, bro.

            -She did not have quite the command that Jessica can produce, but when Alexandra told Harvey she would eat him alive I got chills. She delivered that one.

            -Shout out to the costume department. Mike is looking good in those lighter suits, and Harvey always does in whatever he wears. I liked Donna’s attire this time around, especially that second outfit she wore when she confronted Harvey. Jessica won the night with her black dress at the beginning. That big ass cocktail ring totally sealed the deal. Amazing.

            -Sorry for so much this week, but I just really thought the show delivered last night. Cannot wait until next week!


  1. Hi,

    Really good review, however I disagree with you about Mike's decision. Jenny is good for him, she has Mike's back. Rachel has proven herself to be very shady. First, she can't date anyone from the office, and then she's sharing details on her sexual history and flirting with Mike. Come on, you can't have it both ways. I also did not like how quick she was to go work for the competition in "Undefeated". Mike should stick with Jenny.

  2. I'm a Jenny fan too. I think she's better for Mike because she knows who he is/the lies he's told, and loves/supports him anyway.

    Rachel was going to cheat on her LSAT, and only backed down when Mike went out of his way to discourage her. Then she figured out that he was the genius test-taker/cheater, and held it against him. Hypocrisy anyone? She didn't even acknowledge that fact when Mike mentioned it to her.

    So how do you think Rachel will act when Mike (inevitably) has to let her in on his secret?

    I'm not saying Rachel will sell him out, but she's not going to take it in stride, even if she's done or considered something equally shady.

    I think the show is making a good case for Rachel being the wrong girl/distraction, not girlfriend material. She's a tease and a flip flopper, changing her mind about moral stances (the cheating, her loyalty to her firm), and holding others (Mike) to a higher standard than she holds herself. Not to mention that she's willing to use people (Kyle) to achieve her own goals (I'm not feeling sorry for Kyle, I just think if you're not into someone, you stay away from them).

  3. I think you both make interesting points about the love triangle and those involved. Ultimately, however, the thing that tells me it should be Mike and Rachel is the very thing Jenny said to him. Mike looks at Rachel the way he used to look at her. In other words, he does not feel that way about Jenny anymore. When Jenny said Mike needed to decide what he wanted, I do not think she wanted him to pick her because he was afraid of what might happen with Rachel. She wanted Mike to choose her, because he wanted her. To do otherwise, like he is doing, is a dick move in my opinion and does not give Jenny the respect she deserves.

    Now, I am not saying Rachel is the better person here or anything like that. I do, however, think Mike and Rachel are more compatible. Also, she pushes Mike to grow, while Jenny does know such thing. For me, it is important that your partner foster a feeling of wanting to improve and not rest on your laurels. Yes Rachel was a hypocrite that episode, and I totally called her a crazy for it haha. Even if you do not agree with these points, the biggest thing as I see it, is that Mike clearly wants Rachel more than Jenny. That is the kicker, as far as I am concerned.

    As for what Rachel will do, I am sure she will flip and not take it in stride. I hazard to make a huge guess, because I have no idea how it will be revealed and where their relationship will be. Also, I TOTALLY sided with her when she decided to leave the firm. Five years and you are treated like that? Girl had every right to take her talent (let’s not forget how valuable and successful she has been for the firm) elsewhere.

    Thanks for both of your comments! I love the show, and if you know anybody else who has opinion, tell them to share it!

  4. the show's doing a good job at being fair to both rachel and jenny. neither of them are perfect (harvard night showed that jenny has no qualms about lying or stealing if the ends justify the means), but they have their strengths.

    ultimately, i think it's rachel for mike. like you said, she pushes him. they make a great team at work, and she's basically the key to his success - his first case, restaurant for the rookie dinner, married-couple scheme, the list goes on.

    mike's decision is whether or not to move backward (jenny) or forward (rachel). and of course, rachel will flip when the truth comes out, and rightfully so. as much as i'm rooting for mike, the fact is in the real world, cheating /lying your way into the workplace is unacceptable, no matter how well you do your job.

  5. Hey I just caught up on the show and was reading your reviews. You're doing a great job.

    Re Jenny vs. Rachel I can see your point about Jenny being the safer option but safe is not always a bad thing. He didn’t just choose Jenny because that would be easier, Rachel has her plusses but she has some points that make her a pretty bad bet for Mike where he is in his life right now.

    I mean Rachel has shown a tendency to be volatile when it comes to the truth and Mike. He could put himself into this relationship and then she would most likely destroy him (emotionally and professionally) when she finds out the truth about not just Harvard but the weed and the drug dealing best friend, which she will.

    Also I can imagine keeping up his lie at the office is exhausting, I can't imagine what it would be like having to do that away from there as well. Realistically (as we can be about a show on TV) the pressure on Mike to maintain the facade at all times would erode the relationship because he can't be himself with Rachel.

    And also from Mikes perspective Rachel only wanted him as soon as he became unavailable and then she started playing games with him, doing things to deliberately provoke a reaction from him. She has shown that she finds him attractive and that she likes that he finds her attractive but in the lead up to this week she hasn’t really shown him she cares for him.

    And yes Rachel encourages him to use his mind but she's not averse to him using shortcuts either (typing the files instead of trying to obtain them)(on this show as long as it works it’s ok).

    I think though the fact that Jenny knows him, all his faults, flaws and history and loves him anyway would be something important to Mike. And yes sometimes she chooses the easy way out but as I said above, other people do that too and as long as it works out it’s considered ok. That is the world of the fake lawyer I guess. What is also important is, looking back on mock trial, how she was there for him and quietly encouraged him to be himself. I think Jenny grounds him. Plus Mike has obviously wanted Jenny a long time and there are feelings there that haven't gone away just because he finds someone else attractive too. Jenny is beautiful and sweet and cares about him, in character it’s probably very hard to see her as the bad choice in this scenario

    On another note, what did you think of Rachels reaction at the end. I get that she was hurt he turned her down (and how) but it also came across like if he wasn’t going to chase after her then he shouldn’t bother looking to her for help, they can’t even be friends or colleagues. Or was that just me? (or was that just writers being dramatic? I want to love Rachel coz she's such a powerhouse of brains and beauty but the writers are not showing her to be the most stable person lol)

  6. Great review!

    I completely agree about how the show is deciding to handle the characterization of Harvey and Mike. It's great to see them really develop and not just blow by cases every week. Harvey's reaction to what was happening was, for me, particularly awesome if only because it was so in line with everything that we knew about him. His loyalty and sense of honor is so evident when contrasted with Cameron's and it's great to see. The betrayal that comes with finding out that someone doesn't deserve that loyalty, though, it was just so painful. Great acting and great writing.

    I love that Jessica goes toe-to-toe with Cameron, that Donna clearly has dirt on Cameron because she's been looking out for Harvey for years, and that Mike (though he's working on the case) also tries to figure out what the hell is going on so he can help. People rallying around their friends and being awesome was, well, awesome.

    On the Mike-Jenny-Rachel front, I'm kind of annoyed at all three though I am leaning more for Mike and Jenny. Yeah, Mike was flirting back when Rachel flirted with him, but in "Undefeated" he mentions the fact that he's seeing someone in front of Rachel. They were both leading each other on, which if why I'm annoyed at them both, but what got me about Rachel was the fact that I totally didn't buy her excuse about bringing Kyle because it was last minute. Did all other men disappear between work and going out for drinks? She has no male friends (non-coworkers) to ask? And even if she did have to bring someone from Pearson Hardman (which is a burn in itself, after telling Mike she doesn't date in-house) why not Harold or ANY other non-Mike hating person? Bringing Kyle was either childish (because she wanted Mike to get jealous for her) or vindictive (she wants to flaunt Kyle at Mike). It lost my sympathy for her this time around, which sucks big time because I was actually really rooting for Rachel-Mike for the first, like, nine episodes.

    My only other difference of opinion is that comment about how it was okay for Harvey to bet Mike. Betting his services and his hours, okay, I get that. Harvey's his boss and can dictate where he works. But to bet him for NOTHING and then do very little (pretty much nothing) to help with the case at hand? That sends a really shady message to Mike, I think. (It could be interpreted as "I trust you to do this yourself" but can also come off as "I honestly could just care less about you".) Especially when, at the end, Louis confronts him about it and Harvey's all "Yeah, whatever, just take him". I get that Harvey had other things to worry about, but considering that for him the entire episode was about mentors, I'd have hoped he'd take better care of the fact that he is Mike's mentor.

  7. Shit load of bull if you say Jenny is the safer option, seriously the girl push mike to break into some law firm for god sake, she stole the the lawyer's card so Mike could sneak in, she all in to make Mike a man, JENNY ALL THE WAY!

    Rachel? She's fickle minded, not so great so far.