Friday, September 9, 2011

Suits Season 1 Episode 12 Recap/Review

            Damn you Suits! I know I should have seen that cliffhanger coming, but still, damn you! It was already going to be hard enough waiting until next summer to have you back, but now I will have to wonder what will happen with Mike and the firm. Of course, that is exactly what you want; so damn you for the third time. Nicely played, but now I hate you. Well not really, because you delivered a great season finale.

            That was the most tension-filled episode, no? Between the case of the week, Trevor’s return, the new D.A., the love triangle, Louis’ play for power, and now the ticking time bomb that is Jessica, I was on the edge of seat. Also, all of the character interactions were fantastic, and the best of the season in my opinion. Most importantly, Mike and Harvey’s relationship took a huge step forward tonight.
            On the surface, this episode had very little to do with the bond between the boys. Looking a little closer, however, it is clear to see that their relationship was the biggest plot development tonight. Think about it. Not only did Harvey defer to Mike consistently, he begrudgingly acknowledged the gap between their talents is shrinking. Moreover, there were very little mentor/mentee moments tonight. Instead, the boys looked like actual partners, who trusted one another completely. They are not equals yet, but they are a hell of a lot of closer than they were before. I am sure Mike will still learn from Harvey, but it seems as if the man-and-child relationship they had is being replaced by something similar to what Harvey and Jessica. That is really good for the show, because it shows progression and consistency that an audience would expect.
            In a way, this plot line was the real season story arc. Yes, the love triangle and the lie about Mike’s past were also important, but they were not the driving force behind the show. It has always been about Mike, Harvey and their bond, have no doubts.
All of that being said, I think the show has done quite a fantastic job at filling the screen with other relationships and people. Confession time, when Suits first premiered I thought it was going to turn into another White Collar in a different setting and circumstances. I am extremely happy to say the show has distinguished itself, and that is due in no small part to the supporting characters and secondary bonds the show has distinctively drawn.
Like I said, I am going to miss Suits desperately. What can I say? The show started off good, and then proceeded to do everything right as far as I think. I am happy I started following this show, because it has really delivered week in and out.

Quick hits for my love:

-Donna!!!!!!!!! I feel like I need to get that copyrighted or something. The show really developed her in the last third of the season, and I could not be happier. At first, she was all verbal bon mots left and right, with accompanying snaps in my head of course. Now, however, it is clear that there is just so much more there. Loved her giving it to Harvey, all the while having his back. Loved her reaching out to Rachel, and then getting drunk with her. I also thought her discussion about why her and Harvey never did nor could happen was pitch perfect. It also made me a little sad, because Donna should never be sad. Ever. You hear me show? Sigh, I think I will miss her most.

-Ugh, Trevor. What are you doing? Stop making me hate you. Yes, Mike and Jenny should have been honest with you from the beginning, but still, you suck. This right here, kid, is why you have nobody else. You just ruin everything. Trevor, you are the reason why you cannot have nice things. Kudos on the weight loss though. Also, I am probably going to have nightmares after that whole threatening the murderer scene. Well done there, too.

-If you go to last week’s recap/review, you will see a lot of discussion on the whole Mike/Rachel/Jenny clusterfuck. Really, that is exactly what it is. I am sure tonight did nothing to change anyone’s mind on where they fall, which is my roundabout way of saying I am still Team Rachel. I will quickly comment, though, that somebody thought it was unfair for Rachel to withhold going out of her way to help Mike. I disagree, mainly because all of those times she did help him were favors. Mike TOTALLY flirted his way into a lot of help, and she had every right to tell him to find somebody else. Also, what kind of weird ass foreplay was that? Just more evidence in my favor!

-Louis, tread lightly. I think he was absolutely correct in everything he said to Jessica, but like typical Louis, his delivery is what shot him in the foot. Honestly, that sucks, because he could have totally leveraged senior partner out of the situation. Moreover, he deserves it. Louis is a good lawyer, and does great work for the firm. Instead, he overplayed his hand. Not only did he go behind Jessica’s back, but also threatened her. What? At that moment, his actions were all a direct affront to her, and not Harvey like he thought. Stupid. Nobody threatens Jessica and comes out on top. Clean yourself up kid, you are mess.

-I am going to need to see Jessica demolish somebody soon, though. I get it, her ability to threaten and come out on top without a fight is what makes her so successful. Still, I want her to follow through just once, if only so I can watch in slack-jawed wonderment. It would be beautiful and terrible, all at the same time.

-Also, that extended scene with Donna, Louis and Jessica was my favorite of the season. Everything worked. The humor, the drama, the clothes, the lines, etc. were all perfect. Amazingly, Louis took the win with his “phony bitch” comment. Who would have called that?

-Chi McBride tore up that episode. I loved him on Boston Public, and tonight he just commanded so much presence. Fantastic actor and his character Terrance was also interesting. I know pretty much everything the show does is civil litigation, but I would not mind some more criminal stuff in order to have him appear again.

-I want to know what that damn ritual was, and I want to know now! That is all.

-All right show, I was patient and not ragging on you these past couple weeks, but no longer. WHERE THE HELL WAS GRANDMA ROSS ALL OF THESE PAST EPISODES?! Fix it next season, you hear me!

-What a great. Thank you so much for reading! I will be recapping some other shows this fall, so follow me if you like! Also, I am not above asking my reviews getting passed around. No shame here kids. See you next summer!


  1. Okay, this is my third attempt to comment. Either I really am that inept at using technology or computers and smartphones are out to make me feel stupid. Anyway, your review of Suits has been very entertaining. I too think that Donna is fantastic! She's smart, funny, no-nonsense, and dresses to kill. I want to be her when I grow up, but it is probably too late as I'm already 36. Then there is Jessica, who is my new hero. She is seriously bad-ass in a quiet, yet firm way that doesn't hurt her femininity. And she too has a killer wardrobe. Okay, I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Harvey/ Gabriel Macht now. Not to sound too teenager-ish, but he is just yummy. The character is interesting as well, what with his cool demeanor, mixed with his funny lines that are sometimes only funny to him, and his seriousness - there's a lot going on there. I don't really get into the Mike-Jenny-Rachel topic, except to say that I too am on team Rachel and hopefully Mike will grow up more next season. Louis is one of the best, easy-to-hate characters I've seen. It's easy to dislike him because he's so.... Louis, but at the same time I see the necessity of his character.

    I also think that it was some excellent planning for the writers to leave us hanging on the whole pre-trial, Harvey, Donna, can-opener ritual. I don't like not knowing and my little brain will be speculating about it all winter long.

    Last of all, I just have to ask about the phrase you use in regard to Tremor. "You are why you cannot have nice things." Hilarious to me because my siblings and I have been saying, "that's why we can't have nice things," a lot recently in mockery of our mom (I know, rude, but it's still funny). Apparently our mom used to say that for real especially to my brothers. I've never heard anybody else use it like this.

    Well I hope you enjoy the feedback, that is if it actually makes it through this time...


  2. Have you ever watched the show Damages? If not, it is worth checking out. I have been enjoying reading your thoughts on Suits. I enjoyed watching it.

  3. i'm going to be a douche and point out that "verbal bon mots" is redundant.

    otherwise, your writing is fantastic! it's got this great personality that draws you in until you're at the last sentence with your sides splitting. maybe it's because i agree with you about everything (bring back grandma ross!), but anyway, keep it up!

  4. I was afraid I had to miss your amazing reviews in the second season, but then Google led me to Rickey, and it took me all the way to "Donna!!!!!!!" to figure out (/be sure) it's you... Soooo yaj!!
    And then, but only then of course, I read your post announcing it. But hey, I'm still proud I recognized your review just by your writing :) Great job!